MLD Investments


Our office is located in South Florida. and we are active throughout the Carolinas in all the major markets.

My past experience as a, as has been. We have sourced, and worked on several 100 million dollars worth of properties, and we have transacted and worked with the largest credible buyers in nationwide and regionally that are the most active in this region.

Our analysis process doesn’ttakes no longer than three days.
We have a dedicated underwriter that works around the clock for this service.

Typically should not take longer than a week, but at times it takes two weeks if it’s not as a conventional property.

It can take anywhere from a day to two or even three weeks, we typically keep everything in a short timeline.

Typically we work with a 30 day due diligence period, at times, there’s a non refundable deposit and an additional 30 days to close. So this is on the fastest timeline that the general is made available.

We have worked on deals from $4 to $100 million. Our typical deals range from anywhere between $6M till $20M. That is our most active area in the properties that we sell.

Typically, we find that our sellers are very happy with the entire process, they realize that there is a way to reach their price, and to go through the entire transaction in a smooth manner without needing the extra headache of mass marketing.

Contact us today and allow our service to lead you through a smooth transaction.