MLD Investments


“ I wish that I would be able to work with Dovi and MLD investments in the transactions that  I have done in the past. Here it was an incredible timeline and the clarity and the smoothness of the entire transaction definitely recomendable in the future”.
– Jack

“The best way to describe this transaction is that everything that Dovi from MLD Investments said happened to the T. We spoke way in advance and were able to follow up at the right time and the investor presented the qualified offer that we were set out for and closing went as smoothly as possible.”

– Isaac

20,000 SF Multi Family Coastal Carolina.

“I typically do not sell my properties, the hassle that involves listing and having the tours and dealing with unqualified buyers is such a toll I prefer not to engage a sale. Dovi and MLD Investments team demonstrated how a focused and discrete transaction could get done on top of the line quality.”

– Chris

100,000 SF Multi Family. Garden Style Apartments.

“Dovi did an impeccable job of putting this deal together from start to finish. He reached out to us with amazing timing and what he suggested was actually the best thing for us and he saw the solution through to fruition. I would recommend him for any other deals we were selling in those markets, and we continued to work together today and our friendship has blossomed”.

– Patricia 

“You are very satisfied with this sale Dovi did an exceptional service in putting this together and we are grateful to him for”.

– Cidney  

15,000 SF short term rental establishment.

“This has been most probably the quickest transaction I’ve ever participated in and it was welcomed, and we were amazed about the execution of this deal from all the parties that Dovi put together.”

– Michael 

10,000 SF retail/Industrial.

“I constantly think back as to how pivotal this purchase was for us. I have gratitude towards the Dovi and his team that put this together and made it happen. Thank you very much”.

– Abe 

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