MLD Investments

About us

We are a brokerage firm that began operating in 2014 and we wanted to reintroduce and rethink the most effective and focused experience for the clients that we work with. The key aspect or cornerstone of our brokerage shop is our software that we have developed to allow us to present accurate, verified, and the most up-to-date information to our owners.

Our team consists of one broker and primary, three software developers, and a marketer, so we are technology oriented. This has been a project that bore a lot of fruit in the last couple of years.

The problem that we wish to engage with and solve with our shop is creating a quality solution for a seller who wishes to engage in a transaction without extra exposure and the frazzle and ordeal that is involved with the sale of a property.

The way we do this is by engaging. We engage with very specific buyers who are qualified and have a track record. We provide a seller with one point person throughout the entire process.

Our turnaround time is a third of the time that it typically takes a brokerage firm to even begin receiving serious and honest offers.

We solve that problem by eliminating a lot of the excess.

We avoid relying on our marketing or our advertising to engage suitable buyers; rather, we want the property to generate interest from the buyer group on its own.

We focus on various properties that typically have a qualified offer to the seller within three to four weeks.

Contact us today and allow our service to lead you through a smooth transaction.